A night of sublime music and reflections on humanity

The world premiere of Holly’s new song collection should not be missed. Joined by an ensemble of eminent musicians, Holly’s live performances are always spine tinglingly beautiful and guaranteed to move audiences. This reflective and inspirational new work has been over 18 months in the making. It was composed in residency in The Gambia, Scotland, Paris and Suffolk on a sabbatical funded by the Katherine McGillivray Get a Life Fund with additional support from the Britten – Pears Foundation.

The work was recorded at Studio Z in Manchester – produced by Holly working alongside Andy Garvey and Andrew Hammond.

As a musician who spends most of her working life supporting the music making of others, especially those who are vulnerable due to ill health, it was unusual for Holly to find such an oasis of time to devote to her own compositions. “I’m incredibly fortunate to have been a recipient of this incredible strand of funding. They understood the need for me to recharge my own musical and spiritual batteries. Writing this new work has been something of a pilgrimage for me – part of my ongoing quest to find the things that bring us together as human beings and reconnect us with the family of humankind” (Holly)

You can buy tickets for the event here and you will be able to purchase the album through this site from 16th March.

Holly is developing a tour of the work across 2019 – 2020 and you can follow its progress on this site.

New Year Treat – Tickets now on sale!

Happy New Year to everyone!

I really hope that you will be able to come and share in the premiere of my new song cycle and launch of my first ever album The Nine Pure Gifts. Tickets are now on sale. It will be held at Stoller Hall in Manchester on Saturday 16 March at 7.30pm.

It would mean the world to me to have friends and colleagues there. What better excuse for a good night out in Manchester? Beautiful music reflecting on humanity followed by a jolly Holly knees up!

You can book your tickets here

The album mixing is nearly finished so I’ll post some sneak previews in the next week so you can get a flavour. It’s my most important and bold work to date and I’m excited about sharing it.

Please come!


An EP in a day

It takes so much time to perfect studio recordings of music and I have really been enjoying learning about the recording process whilst making my first solo album.

I spend so much of my musical life creating music with other people in the moment I have forgotten some of the other aspects of music such as recording it!

I’m so lucky to share spontaneous, co-improvised moments of music making with people, especially when they’re going through difficult or different times. Music somehow wins hands down in making difficult and different times more bearable. It can create a safe space for every emotion to come out if we let it! A whole world of emotion from rough to smooth.

You can’t edit these moments, you can’t mix them afterwards and you can’t master them. Studio music tries to do all these things! A bit like the more studious research into the impact of music on people tries to edit, mix and master their actual experience.

Music in the moment.

Music is the moment.

Here’s to the moment and here’s some music I created in a day.

I created this to counterbalance the more studious and ongoing production of the CD which I hope you will enjoy in your own special moment – unedited unmixed, unmastered!